Marion Military Institute

Marion Military Institute is a state-supported educational institution located in Marion, Alabama. It is the official state military college and the nation’s oldest military junior college.

This was my first solo website at Cayenne Creative. It is an expansive school website, with two blogs, an event feed using Modern Tribe Events, custom flexible content through Advanced Custom Fields for each page and post, YouTube sliders, and a plethora of custom PHP.
View the site here.


MMI Mobile Menu

Students are able to easily access news and events on the go–staying informed about daily activities, events and campus alerts.

MMI Blog Page

Two blogs, one for featured events and one for the main blog, keep users engaged in current events on campus as well as alumni gatherings.

MMI YouTube Modal

With flexible content, users are able to add YouTube videos, video sliders, buttons, content block links, image sliders and more on any page or post through Advanced
Custom Fields Pro.

MMI Youtube Modal Example

Dynamic video content is used throughout the site.

Marion Made Page - MMI

WordPress page hierarchy is used to dynamically create sidebar navigation linking pages to their siblings.