Russell Medical Center

Russell Medical is a progressive, not-for-profit, acute care facility serving the needs of east Central Alabama. “Being the best, because we care.”

Building the Russell Medical website was an extremely rewarding experience. Matt Perrault and I built this website in about 3 weeks total. Russell’s site is a fully dynamic, custom WordPress website, using custom post types, Advanced Custom Fields, and custom taxonomies. Customers are able to search and apply for jobs, as well as search for specific physicians. View the site here.

Russell Medical Center Drawer Menu

Russell is a large hospital, so we built a full-page drawer with bounce animation for easy navigation.

Russell Medical Find a Physician Page

Physicians, added as custom post types, are able to be searched through PHP on the 'Find a Physician' page.

Russell Medical Landing Page

With dozens of pages on the site, we utilized WordPress' parent and children system, with landing pages querying certain page groups based on the parent page.